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Resources for Ministers


Dear Servant of God,
Thank you for your interest in exploring PastorsLink.com one-stop news, resources, and social networking platform for the ministers of God. PastorsLink.com is an initiative by Dr. Ashok Karkera Chairman / Founder and Dr. Regina Karkera. Managing Director (Glorious Gospel Mission Ministries, Inc. A 501 C(3) Non-Profit organization, Florida).

In the year 2017, our founder was visiting Washington DC and God spoke by giving clear instructions with an audible command. Lord said, “Create a common online platform for all My servants and I will send resources to it.” As we began to pray we received further clarity on how this should be done. In times such as these, It’s extremely critical to have a single platform to unite and communicate with the Body of Christ leveraging the technological platform.

Key focus areas of PastorsLink.com

This platform is dedicated to offering services to the universal Body of Christ without denominational differences.

  • Privately owned Data Center. (Not dependent on big tech giants
  • A common resource-sharing platform.
  • Dedicated social network for ministers and global leaders.
  • Secure and reliable unbiased cross-border payments financial ecosystem.
  • Delivering Reliable, unbiased Christian news.

Who can join?

Apostles, Prophets, Teachers, Pastors, Evangelists, Bishops, Lay Leaders, missionaries, and all ministers of our Lord Jesus Christ. Joining is by invitation only and on approval. Each member will get invitations links in their account settings, to invite fellow ministers.

How do I participate?

  • Sign-up on www.pastorslink.com.
  • Create a page to offer at least one free resource or commit to praying.
  • Upload your own project proposals and get funded.
  • Post job openings or apply for jobs.
  • Advertise events or conferences, training video courses*.
  • Connect, follow, and chat with ministers sorted as per geographic locations. – Be an Investor or Donate.
  • Spread the word, use invitation links to invite fellow ministers.

Jitendra Chaturvedi (Joshua)
Mobile: 321-732-2903